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If you got stuck with a puke green, retro, 70's comeback dorm room, suffer no longer!







Yes, we are students, but it is still important to decorate your room.  Why?  It will help you relax and make you feel at home.  We have a few key tips to change the white-walled, 70's decorated, puke green carpeted dorm room into a livable atmosphere.  

When you come to college, or move into a new house, it is easy to become quickly depressed with your new unmanageable room, especially since you move out of your own, perfect bedroom and home.  A typical college room includes a bed, desk, dresser and closet with enough room left over for a tiny fridge and a huge bean bag.  Dorm rooms generally come fully stocked while house are generally unfurnished.  All you have to do is visit a typical student house to understand why, and to also be amazed that it is still standing!



What you need is your own private sanctuary that will provide peace and rest after a hectic day and school, or night out partying.  Abide by these sure-fire, tried-and-tested tips for maximum pleasure.

  Top Ten Decorating Tips

1.  Firstly, find a scheme for your room.  What color do you like best, and stick with it.  

2.  Covering your bare walls adds instant life without much expense.  You will find that either your schools bookstore , or a cheap store in town will sell you nice quality posters for a reasonable price.  Do not use tape!  The latest and cheapest method is downloaded Free Prints online. Try some 'blue tac' or other gummy substance, or you will find ripped posters and peeling walls.

3.  Some rooms come with a mini fridge and microwave already, but for those that don't, rent!  This will be your lifesaver as the dining halls and class schedules seem to conflict quite often.

4.  Get a bean bag.   As lame as this may sound, many attest to the added benefits for studying, sleeping, watching movies, or just chilling.  They can easily fit into a corner or under a bed.  Make sure you do not rip them as they leave a huge mess!

5.  Build a loft .   A number of students find that they need more room than the average room provides.  Building a loft brings the bed off the floor and gives added closet space below with a make-shift desk for your computer and books.  If you have a bunch of stuff, then this could be your best option

6.    Plants .   They don't take up very much room and add a fresh smell to the stuffiness that accompanies most college rooms.  Don't forget to water as a dead, lifeless, brown heap counteracts the beauty and benefits of a fresh healthy plant.  If this is you, invest in a cactus.

7.  Throw Rug

8.  Bulletin Board .   Getting organized is an essential aspect of University life.  Bulletin boards serve as a great tack board for photos, letters, reports or anything else of importance.  This will save you from ruining your walls with nails as most dorms or housing has heavy fines for putting holes in the walls.

9.  Your Door .   Your door represents who you are.  Decorate it accordingly.  Find some posters and pictures that portray your personality as well as a white marker board for people to leave notes and messages.  Try not to put anything on your door that will offend people in this P.C. Culture.  Try some nice Photos.

10. Pets .   Most dorms don't allow pets, but some houses do.  Find a pet that is clean, doesn't smell, properly trained, and does your homework.  The point is, good luck finding a pet that is perfect for your room.  They tend to stink and leave little presents everywhere.  Tread carefully, or invest in goldfish.  If they die, you are only out a couple of bucks.





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