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If this is your only option, we will guide you through the dark hours of the night. 



There comes a time in every students life when homework piles up and you get behind.  Under such circumstances, pulling an all-nighter becomes inevitable.  We have put together a few tips that should get you through your first cram session.

   Grab some Food n' Drink
When planning for your all-nighter, buy some quality food beforehand.  Try to avoid stocking up on too much sugar and caffeine as you will be bouncing off the walls in the early hours of morning without getting much work done.  

Try not too eat too much for the first 3 hours.  The first meal should include a cool, refreshing energy drink or a cup of coffee.  Follow this down with either a couple pieces of fruit, a hearty salad, or some healthier junk food (i.e. oatmeal cookies, biscuits, etc.).  After the first meal, try to eat a little something every couple of hours to keep your energy supply up.  Plus, this should keep you going as it will be a great incentive.  Can anyone say "Scooby Snack!"  

   Setting the Mood

It is important to get rid of all distractions and focus on your task at hand.  Wearing pajamas, slippers, and sipping on some hot cocoa in a dark room while listening to classical music on your bed is not your ideal situation.  Here is a quite check list when embarking on your all-nighter:

  • Turn on all of the nights  
  • Put on some nice, non-snuggly clothes
  • Put on some upbeat music with no words - too distracting
  • Find an upright, non-cushy chair
  • Do not even go near the TV
  • Find a desk with a whole lot of room
  • Find a quiet place with no distraction

If you adhere to the above list, you will greatly increase your chances of focusing on what you gotta do.  

   Make an Outline
Whether you are studying for a test, or starting your term paper that is due in a few hours, make an outline.  Come the middle of the night, and your mind begins to wander to less-than-study-oriented topics... summer, parties, etc.  Focus!

Write an outline of your time schedule, and what you will do at every hour.  If you have notes available, then you have a basic schedule already outlined for you.  Four example:

9:00 pm Read Assignment, make outline, stretch, turn on all of the lights!
9:45 pm Read first chapter, take notes, write outline for paper
10:30 pm Read second Chapter, research for paper
11:30 pm Read notes from class, write introduction 
12:30 pm Half an hour break... eat, stretch, stay away from your bed!
1:00 pm Continue pressing on...

You get the idea.  Knowing how you get from beginning to end will give your assignment some much needed order.   If you cannot make your time table, then skim over the rest of the chapter or briefly finish your paragraph, and get onto the next section.  You can always come back and finish the undone segment later.  Teachers are always more impressed with a completed document than one that is not grammatically or structurally perfect.

When you are studying for a test, make sure you take notes as it will help your short term memory for crunch time later in the day. 

   Give yourself incentives
Giving yourselves incentives will always help you get to the next stage of your all-nighter.  A little cookie, coffee or snack break will divide the 12 hour night into easy to handle segments.  

You need to find something that drives you on.  Dressing into your pajamas and slippers will get your mind more on your bed and what you are missing than on your studies.  Try to stay out of your room, and preferably in an uncomfortable chair that will drive you on to finishing your assignment quicker.

   Don't Stress Out
Cramming for a test or paper is part of College life.  Every student goes through it sooner or later.  Instead of thinking of it as a chore, consider it an adventure into unto territory.  Chances are, you have had all-nighters before at someone house.  Just think of this as a good time getting something done.  

Stressing out and thinking that you will never get it done will only waste precious seconds.  Relax, take a deep breath, and dive right in.  You will look back on your University all-nighters with fond memories and remember the "good ol' days."  Enjoy it, because you won't have these adventures forever.

   Stay away from your Bed
The softness, warmth and comfort of your bed continues to echo in ears all night.  Stay away!  It is a trap that will destroy the fun you are about to have... Ha!  

Anyways, if you give in to studying in your bed, you will quickly find your self drooling on your assignment that is due in the morning.  Thinking about your bed occasionally is not a bad thing as it will give you a major incentive to not procrastinate and finish as soon as possible. 







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